A big part of the Golden Flight Level and the GFL spirit  is certainly the charity. For GALTÜR 2023 we have chosen two projects that we would like to support. „Muskeln für Muskeln“ and the „Humanitarian Pilots Initiative“. Learn more about these projects below.


Muskeln für Muskeln (litterally ‚muscles for muscles‘) is an organisation that was co-founded by a Munich air traffic controller.
It stands up for kids suffering from SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). This genetic disease is quite rare, unfortunatly that means, that research for a therapy is not very profitable for pharma companies. The aim of Muskeln für Muskeln is to raise money to fund private reseach for a therapy against SMA.
„Sport needs muscles – children without muscles need our help“. Click on the logo below to get more information.


HPI provides humanitarian aid through precise airdrops, aerial monitoring and a worldwide civil aviation network.
Since 2015 many volunteer pilots and helpers have managed to save more than 20,000 people from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, amongst them many children that were on overcrowded, non-seaworthy boats on their way to Europe, fleeing from war, poverty, torture or hunger. 
Many other projects have been developed by the motivated volunteers, among them other air traffic controllers or commercial pilots that spend their holidays for our humanitarian goals. Click on the logo below to get more information.