Golden Flight Level (GFL) is the annual international winter sports championship of air traffic controllers with participants from all across Europe, as well as from overseas (Canada, USA, Carribbean, Russia, Dubai and Australia).

The GFL story started back in 1976, when air traffic controllers from Munich and Vienna decided to meet in Eben im Pongau for a skiing competition, to get to know each other both professionally and personally.

What started as a skiing weekend more than 40 years ago has now grown into a week-long event with more than 750 participants. Today GFL includes skiing, snowboard and cross country races, as well as spectacular accompanying events, including an opening ceremony, a theme party and a prize giving ceremony with gala dinner at the end of the week.

In 2023 the 48th edition of Golden Flight Level will take place in Galtür in Austria from January 14th  to January 21st.


Scroll through the history table and see where Golden Flight Level was hosted since 1976. Find all the organisation committees and winning teams for every year.


Since 2012 the GFL Spirit Award honours the socially most committed team of the Golden Flight Level. The winning team gets to take home the challenge cup and to hold it for one year. See below who won the cup in which year.